Long time no see.

Yeah, i've been occupied with lots of work...
And i haven't done anything creative worth publishing lately.

But at least i managed to update the server from debian squeeze to debian wheezy, including a PHP and drupal update. Seems like it's working if u can read this entry :)
I'm still hoping to find the time to post a few new things here from time to time in the near future. Until then make sure to listen to Professor Kliq's most amazing music on soundcloud!

Updated Drupal

I finally took the time to update Drupal. I also deleted all the spam comments. User registration now requires administrator approval so i don't get spammed all the time.

Math Stuff for German Abitur

As i am - again - engaged as a private tutor for pupils on the German Gymnasium who will graduate with the Abitur this year, i decided - in part because i like the job and my proteges so much - to write a few Notes in LaTeX for the Mathe-Abitur. I will be focussing on Analysis and Vector Geometry only for now, Stochastic Theory isn't really one of my favourites and it's just too much to type. Maybe later ;)

Those Notes are available in German only. Sorry. You are free to send me translations ;)

Inkscape Escapades

One of the first Pics i drew with Inkscape.
Posted that one just for you Carla ;)

New Sourceforge project: SkyJNI

I finally created a nice open source project for me: SkyJNI.
Visit the homepage here:
If you are a developer involved in C++ and Java this might be interesting for you :)

Page up.

Just set up the drupal page. I'm not yet very used to it so it might take some time before everything works...

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