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Hey did i forget to mention that i also hang around on wikipedia? Mostly on the german version: https://wikipedia.de/
And here is a link to my user page if you're interested: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benutzer:Markus_Dangl

Long time no see.

Yeah, i've been occupied with lots of work...
And i haven't done anything creative worth publishing lately.

But at least i managed to update the server from debian squeeze to debian wheezy, including a PHP and drupal update. Seems like it's working if u can read this entry :)
I'm still hoping to find the time to post a few new things here from time to time in the near future. Until then make sure to listen to Professor Kliq's most amazing music on soundcloud!


Ok i'm working on a new guitar track.
I need some voices - and someone who can actually play guitar :P

Title: Don't burn books, burn your TVs
Music & Performance: Markus D.
Genre: Punk-y? Idk.
License: Creative Commons by-nc-sa

Strat, POD X3, Drums done via mouse editing :P


I'm gonna upload more stuff on my Soundcloud page, i really like how the player works. And you can post comments there, too :)
The player is now on the right side of the page. Sadly playing breaks when you click any link on this site :/ --- The only solution i have right now would be to load the player in a seperate frame, i.e. to use popout or similar. But i hate pop-ups, pop-outs and pop-anythings. So i need to find a way to make Drupal use javascript to update the page instead of reloading the whole thing every time.


I was bored. So i made my own VST synth. I played around with it to test it... So that became a nice tune:

Title: Wires
Music & Performance: Markus D.
Genre: Funk!
License: Creative Commons by-nc-sa

One day of playing with my own VST plugin.

Function plotter

I wrote a simple but nice function plotter in pure Javascript. I use it to display the DFT spectrum of a supplied function. Check it out at:

I know it is kinda bare-bones right now, i could probably improve it a lot if i'd get paid - or at least if there was someone to use it besides myself.

Updated Drupal

I finally took the time to update Drupal. I also deleted all the spam comments. User registration now requires administrator approval so i don't get spammed all the time.

Math Stuff for German Abitur

As i am - again - engaged as a private tutor for pupils on the German Gymnasium who will graduate with the Abitur this year, i decided - in part because i like the job and my proteges so much - to write a few Notes in LaTeX for the Mathe-Abitur. I will be focussing on Analysis and Vector Geometry only for now, Stochastic Theory isn't really one of my favourites and it's just too much to type. Maybe later ;)

Those Notes are available in German only. Sorry. You are free to send me translations ;)

Funky today...

Get up, dance like a geek, sit down. thx.

Title: Funky today
Music & Performance: Markus D.
Genre: Funk!
License: Creative Commons by-nc-sa


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