About me

I'm a computer science student and making music is my favourite hobby. I never took any lessons in making music, so i'm learning this all by myself - so don't expect anything too professional :)
One of my oldest and main inspirations are chiptunes (Amiga mods, c64, all that old school computer music stuff), and since i've been learning to play E-Guitar i added Machinae Supremacy to my favourites. I always wanted to make chip metal like them but i'm not that good with the guitar :/

I love to experiment with music software, so i'm using a lot of different tools and esp. VST plugins. I also made a few myself but they aren't quite stable so i won't release them. I use Windows because i don't like Mac that much (as i'm a computer pro) and Linux is unusable for things i do (bad hardware support, very limited software - and i dislike the architecture of JACK). My hardware is not really professional so i have a lot of trouble with recording and mastering. Atm i'm using a Line6 POD X3 as audio interface and a standard stereo system and sometimes standard hifi headphones. My plan is to get the really cool stuff like: A RME Multiface and Syrincs Monitors - but it's gonne take some time before i can get my hands on them :)