Some old stuff i created years ago in Reason ;)
That was when i was still new to making music with my PC.
There are a few good ideas in there, i'm tempted to remake or remix these songs...
Warning: These songs vary in loudness a lot (perceived as well as pure volume).
... and i compressed them in somewhat lower quality than usual.

Title: (See respective file title)
Music & Performance: Markus D.
Genre: Div. Electronic, DnB
License: Creative Commons by-nc-sa


P.S.: Obviously i knew nothing about sidechain compression back then ^^

2002-08-04 Dedicated to FR.mp32.2 MB
2002-08-22 Strange Day.mp32.94 MB
2002-12-08 Enemy at base (remastered 2009-12-15).mp33.68 MB
2002-12-16 Overdoze.mp33.29 MB
2003-05-12 Song fuer Nici.mp32.22 MB
2003-06-28 Climbing Mountains.mp32.45 MB
2003-11-22 Magic Carpet I.mp3909.84 KB